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Get a SALT, he’s aspirating! 3136 3136 Sandra Robinson

Get a SALT, he’s aspirating!

Does it matter if a person aspirates? Yes. And No. Well, sometimes. It depends. It’s a bit complicated… Aspiration Firstly, what is aspiration? One of the ways that Speech and Language Therapists measure aspiration is…

I’m not drinking that, it’s wallpaper paste 1516 894 Sandra Robinson

I’m not drinking that, it’s wallpaper paste

What’s up with thickeners? The use of thickeners is a compensatory measure. They’re for pulmonary safety rather than swallow rehabilitation. Most thickeners are now gum-based rather than starch-based. Why? Well, the starch-based thickeners aren’t amylase resistant. This…

Dying for a meal 4225 2814 Sandra Robinson

Dying for a meal

Choking is a serious risk for people with dysphagia I read the saddest news story this week. An inquest jury has found that Tony Wilkinson, a disabled man with dysphagia, who choked to death in…

A game-changer for people with dysphagia 1920 1080 Sandra Robinson

A game-changer for people with dysphagia

WOW! This product is amazing for people with dysphagia. I worked with a man, who hadn’t had a taste of tea IN OVER A YEAR. Until now. If anyone knows how many people are living ‘nil…

Dysphagia and malnutrition 854 572 Sandra Robinson

Dysphagia and malnutrition

Written by Caroline Hill, Dietitian and owner of Caroline Hill Nutrition, providing private consultations and nutrition consultancy services. As the result of swallowing difficulties, it is highly likely that a person’s eating and drinking is affected.…

Thickener or water? 2000 675 Sandra Robinson

Thickener or water?

Recommending thickened drinks is a common practice by speech and language therapists / speech pathologists when supporting people with dysphagia. I recently used this video to stimulate debate amongst caregivers. Opinions vary! What role does…