Let’s work together

to achieve your goals

What you need

Losing the ability to talk like you used to is a big change in life. It takes some getting used to. And you’d rather get back to how it was. Sometimes that’s doable. Sometimes it’s trickier than that. Or you know your speech will get worse over time and need help to plan for the future. What you’ll always get from us is an honest, informed clinical opinion of where you’re at and we’ll work out where to take it from there together.

Not being able to eat and drink like you used to really affects your quality of life. It’s important to keep you safe from choking or pneumonia. But it’s also a priority to enjoy what you can. We assess your swallow and look at ways to improve your experience of eating and drinking.

Can I just use the NHS?

Why choose private speech therapy?


We’ve worked in the NHS. Speech therapy services work really hard. But the waiting lists are getting longer and the caseloads higher. When you invest in private speech therapy, you get all the time you need.


As we’re up to date on the latest evidence and have lots of therapy options to choose from, you’re not hemmed in by ‘we only do it this way’ or ‘we don’t stock that’. You have the freedom to choose what works for you.


Private speech therapy is an investment in your well-being. You get high quality therapy suited to your needs, wishes and preferences.

Years of expertise

We’ve provided therapy for thousands of patients. In the NHS, private neuro-rehab units and direct clients. On wards – everything from ICU to Geriatrics. In the community – from clinics to people’s own homes to care homes. And teletherapy – even before Covid!

We understand how communication and swallow problems affect people when they’ve had a stroke, brain injury, experience a neurodegenerative disease or many other medical problems.

Your situation and your needs are unique. We bring years of experience with us to make the realistic changes you want.